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lunes, 15 de enero de 2018



What are your personal goals? Tell me three:
My goals are to finish high school to gain entry to study a Bachelor of Medicine and be able to work from medical to buy a home.

Are you going to continue your studies? Tell me why:
Yes, because will be one experience very nice for my, assist people who need help.

How you identified your goals? Tell me two reasons:
Because,  I like to study and I like to profession.

How do you see yourself in the next decade?
With a better job and a Bachelor's degree.
I see my family with a better life.

Tell me five things you will do to achieve your goals.
Study, job, perseverence, ambition and dedication.

Tell me two things you are doing now to achieve your goals.
Now, I’m studying the high school and job very hard to get it

What do you think about the perseverance and responsibility related to achieving your goals?
I think it is very necessary to get what they want. Without perseverance and responsibility you can not achieve anything

What role does discipline in achieving your goals?
It is a priority, because you the discipline is important to achieve our goals
Tell me five things you wish to achieve in the next five years
get a business more prosperous and I guess that I will be studying the Bachelor's degree.
Be happy together with my family.

Would you like to learn another language?
Yes. I think that you will I need to learn another language for my Bachelor's degree.

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