lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Proyecto Integrador: Mi Casa y mi comunidad

Proyecto Integrador:
Mi Casa y mi comunidad

1.- Recibo a mi amigo y le presento a mi familia:
-Hi, Ivone, how are you?
-This is my family:
-He is my husband Tony Stark, he is forty  years old;
-She is my mother; his name is Lupita, She is fifty four years old and she is Housewife.
-And my daughter Laura, she is a estudent, she is twelve years old.

2.- Esta es mi casa, ahí está…
-In my house there is a bathroom; in the bathroom there is a mirror.
-Here is the living room. There are large Windows with a sofá.
-There is a bedroom. In the bedroom there is a large closet.
-The dining room is in the kitchen.
The kitchen is next to the living room.

3.- Mi amigo necesita ir a…
-How can I get to the police station?
-Go straight ahead on Aldama Street and the police station is next to library. Opposite the Kiosko.  

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